Most Superbowl ads are either over-the-top productions, or they involve crude "supposed" humor. The Mini-Darth Vader spot is unique for it's depiction of a small, simple and touching moment. It is charming because of its brilliant story of a universal human truth. The ad agency that created it is Deutsch/Los Angeles.

Creating a commercial this good is no easy feat. It entails hours of conceptual work, hundreds of ideas, countless meetings and presentations (both internally and to the client). But when you hit upon that perfect idea, sell it and produce it to perfection, the results can be stunning. This commercial has had more than 55 million views online after being shown during the Big Game. That's beyond viral; it's positively feverish. You want to talk astounding ROI?

Crass humor and appearances by vapid celebrities pale in the face of a commercial that is simple and heartwarming. It's a lesson for everyone in the marketing industry. Years from now, not many people will remember the actual game. But millions will recall this elementally amazing commercial.