What does your company do, or what does your product do? A brochure provides the chance to tell your audience about the big picture. Where you fit in the industry. Why to choose your product or service over the competition's. And how your particular solution will benefit the prospective customer's bottom line. The corporate brochure marks the cornerstone of brand building. It sets the tone, builds strategic positioning, and goes a long way toward defining the culture upon which the company built on. Tactical, more technical, and containing full explanations of particular products or services, either way, you need product brochures.

And, data sheets? Borrrrring! But nevertheless, absolutely essential for companies who market very complex products or services. Here, we get right down to the nitty-gritty, roll around in the nuts and bolt, and sniff the real essence of a product. We mean specs, speeds, feeds, and other technical information that only people with pocket protectors can truly appreciate. Data sheets come packed with details and may include the occasional diagram or line drawing.

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